Senior QA Engineer

IT & Technology
Amsterdam Zuidoost

Our Client is a startup firm which develops a platform for collection and fusion of data from hundreds of physical sensors and virtual sources, to yield immediate actionable intelligence insights for law-enforcement. Their products are of the sort you would expect to see in “Black Mirror”, “CSI” or “24”. Our client develops new intelligence techniques that are sometimes being put to use in the streets within weeks.

They are currently looking to hire for a Senior QA Engineer for Amsterdam Zuid location.

You will work in a team to develop modules within a microservice platform. The team develops very rapidly, and there is great importance for proper QA. You will perform expeditionary testing (manually testing new features), and you will be in charge of setting up all automatic and end-to-end testing, to ensure that any given feature is never broken. You will be in charge of instructing others on the team on how to build their own testing as well

Example task:

The team is starting to create a new feature, connecting to a new sensor (license plate reader)

  • You will work with the team to specify testing in API interfaces, your tests will make sure that the system can handle irregular activity.
  • You will specify the required tests on the back-end side.
  • You will work with the team to set up all automatic testing tools.
  • You will write front-end end-to-end tests; you will work with Selenium or similar to set up testing.
  • You will instruct front-end developers on any changes needed on the interface to accommodate testing (like adding class/id attributes).
  • You will manually “play” with the interface, and submit feedback reports on the use ability, bugs and suggestions.
  • You will be testing the system with real equipment.

Minimum required experience:

Selenium and other testing tools, Jenkins, some python, some Angular

Our day-to-day vocabulary:

Python, Tornado, mongo DB, SQL, Neo4J, docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, slack, Angular, microservices, pods, Wi-Fi probes, Bluetooth, IMSI catching, ANPR, graph networks, clustering, Celery, RabbitMQ, AWS, automatic testing, Jira, Lawful interception, geolocation, direction-finding, RSSI, MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS, asymmetric encryption

For more information on this position, please call Soumya Shastry, Technology Recruiter on +31(0)70 387 5911 or email your resume directly to