Witscraft: Advisory and compliance services for businesses and individuals

Witscraft: Advisory and compliance services for businesses and individuals


For many years, Witscraft has provided Advisory and Compliance services to Dutch and international companies and employees, such as assisting in the fields of tax, social security, pension, migration and employment law, (strategic) compensation and benefits, as well as broad-based HR matters.

How can Witscraft help employers and individuals in cross-border situations?

Starting a business, expanding your business, hiring high skilled employees from abroad or starting work in the Netherlands means meeting the local rules and regulations. Witscraft can help you with this.

Witscraft business compliance services

Witscraft offers key compliance services, including:

  • Applications for Knowledge Migrant Visas
  • Applications for Dutch civil service numbers (BSN and RNI)
  • Applications for the 30% ruling
  • Applications for social security statements (A1 and Certificate of Coverage)
  • Visa applications based on the Dutch-US friendship treaty
  • Notifications of posted workers (WagwEU)
  • Income tax returns
  • VAT returns
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Payroll services
  • UBO registrations

Witscraft business advisory services

Many years of experience have contributed to Witscraft’s wide range of services in the field of HR Advisory services. In addition to their own in-depth knowledge, they also work together with a trusted global network of international advisors, if necessary.

Witscraft offers HR Advisory services such as:

  • Advising on compensation packages
  • Executive remuneration advice
  • Share-based incentives (stock options, share plans et cetera)
  • Dutch labour law positions
  • Relocation services
  • HR Interim Management Services

Other business services that Witscraft offers

As a starting or expanding company, you may need help negotiating or renegotiating contracts and drafting contracts. Witscraft also supports companies with Procurement & Contract Management services, as well as legal services.

Starting a business? Witscraft can help you out! 

Recent Witscraft project examples

Here are some of Witscraft's recent project examples:

- A Silicon Valley start-up established its European head office in Amsterdam: Witscraft advised setting up and executing HR activities, such as the payroll service, the 30% application and the application for Knowledge Migrant’s Visas, as well as the applications for the Dutch civil service numbers. Within a period of approx. 12 months the company had 120 employees from all over the world based in Amsterdam.

- Last year, a Fin-Tech company from abroad started to expand its activities in Amsterdam and asked Witscraft to take care of the applications for Knowledge Migrant Visas for employees from all over the world, applications for Dutch civil service numbers, and applications for the 30% ruling. They also made use of several Advisory services Witscraft provides.

- For several self-employed expats, Witscraft assisted with setting up the company legal form, taking care of the application of a visa based on self-employment, transfer of 30% ruling to their own company, income tax returns/corporate tax returns, VAT returns, payroll services and contracts.

- Review of employment contracts, remuneration and share-based incentives (stock options, share plans, etc.) including tax optimisation for various international companies and expat employees.

- Setting up employment contracts and taking care of the income tax return of employees for international non- profit organisations.

- Restructuring and renegotiating several contracts (amongst others IT and several services) for an international company.

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Are you starting a new business? Do you want to expand your business, and are you hiring highly skilled employees from abroad? Are you abroad and do you want to come to the Netherlands as a self-employed person or employee? Witscraft could be the answer to your needs, contact them via the button below.

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