Starting a private limited company in NL just got easier

Starting a private limited company in NL just got easier

As of October 1, 2012, it is easier to start a private limited company in the Netherlands, due to changes in Dutch law introduced by the Minister of Security and Justice which are designed to make starting this type of business more attractive.

A private limited company (Besloten vennootschap, or BV) is a company limited by shares, which are privately registered and not freely transferable. The advantage of starting a BV is that it is a corporation, meaning that in most situations any financial liability lies with the company, rather than the founder(s).

Those who decide to start a BV will now have more freedom to shape the company as they wish, because the rules have been made more flexible and some restrictions deemed unnecessary have been removed.

An important change is the abolition of the initial launch capital requirement of 18.000 euros. Under the new rules, BV founders are free to determine the amount they wish to contribute upon incorporation of a company.

Furthermore, the compulsory share transfer restriction clause, the bank declaration, and the auditor’s certificate upon contributions in kind have also been abolished, and various other changes have been made.

These measures are expected to have a beneficial economic effect, by making it easier for smaller enterprises and beginning entrepreneurs to opt for the legal form of a private limited company, and by making investing in these businesses more attractive.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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