Practical Wellness brings a new meaning to coaching

Practical Wellness brings a new meaning to coaching


Now more than ever, we have to learn how to take care of ourselves. Focusing on being healthy inside and out is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. Because of this, Practical Wellness coaching was created based on the world’s leading coaching techniques.

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Practical Wellness offers one-on-one coaching, in-company and private online group coaching. Practical Wellness also offers a lot of free resources, such as various educational blog posts, YouTube videos, monthly workshops and much more. Over the year 2021, more than 300 people received coaching through free resources, individual coaching or in-company coaching.

The head coach and the founder of Practical Wellness is certified and accredited Health and Life Coach Ignas Meskauskas. He came to the Netherlands almost 10 years ago to do his bachelor studies in International Financial Management and had a successful corporate career in finance. After some years in the corporate world, he found his passion for sharing the knowledge he gained in different courses and workshops, and founded Practical Wellness in 2021. He finished his certification at the Health Coach Institute in the United States. Practical Wellness founder

Coaching is gaining huge popularity in Europe, as in the United States, every executive director or high performing manager consults a coach on a regular basis. Coaches help people to gain clarity on what they want in life and how to get there. A life coach is a guide, cheerleader, accountability partner, confidante and truth-teller. A life coach helps clients hone in on what they want and then helps them set achievable goals to get there.

What does Practical Wellness offer?

At the moment, Practical Wellness offers the following services:

1:1 Coaching Services

This is an exclusive one-on-one 90-day intense transformational coaching programme that takes place on a weekly basis over Zoom. This is a great option for busy professionals who want to get coached from the comfort of their homes or offices. The programmes are designed in a way that clients already find small but actionable steps that will allow them to move forward from the place where they are to the place where they want to be from the very first session.

Group Coaching

The signature online group coaching programme is a seven-week program that takes place a couple of times per year in a group setting. There are seven weekly online sessions of 90 minutes each. Additionally, the programme includes weekly videos and three one-on-one sessions of 60 minutes with a coach. Learning in a group setting can be more fun and it allows for the group to learn from each other’s discoveries as well.

Team Building Programmes for Organisations

The Mindfulness Lunch Workshop has been one of the most popular team building coaching sessions in 2021. These days, a lot of corporations invest in their employees' wellbeing, therefore this signature workshop allows teams to understand the importance of taking a proper break on a daily basis, especially when everyone is working from home and the line between work and rest gets blurred.

Companies investing in their employees Practical Wellness 1

Coaching can benefit a lot of managers or team leaders who are stepping into these roles for the first time. Through coaching and transformational habit changes, managers can create new supporting routines that will give them the self-esteem and confidence boost they need to become great leaders at their organisations.

A lot of internationals who move to the Netherlands for work usually have a “studying” or “self-development” budget that is included in their relocation package. That’s why a lot of people who get coached at Practical Wellness might get coaching for free as their employer is paying for their coaching. It is advised to always check with your current employer about the available options.

Having doubts about coaching?

Practical Wellness offers a free-of-charge coaching session to see if you would be the right client and whether Practical Wellness is the right coaching service for you. Experience a coaching session without any obligations and see what a 60-minute call could do for you.

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You can contact Practical Wellness through the contact form at Practical Wellness’ website or send an email to [email protected].



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