Podcast: How to use guest podcasting as a marketing tool

Podcast: How to use guest podcasting as a marketing tool

The key to a successful business is consistently connecting with your ideal clients. There are many ways to do this. Some take more time, some take more money, and some take more energy. And there is one marketing strategy that takes the least amount of time, money, and energy to get in front of the right people: being a guest on someone’s podcast!

But how does it work? Where do you find these podcasts and how do you get yourself booked on them? Lisa Simone Richards is an expert on this topic and, in this episode of my podcast, she shares everything you need to know about how to get booked on your first (or next) podcast. Including how to deal with rejection, because not everyone will say yes and that is totally normal.

We also discuss the compound effect visibility can have on your business which can translate into people approaching you to speak or be a podcast guest. Lisa also shares what she finds most meaningful about her work. Oh yeah, and Ginger makes a surprise cameo appearance! Listen or watch below.


Stephanie Ward


Stephanie Ward

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