Octagon Professionals can help you start and grow your business in the Netherlands

Octagon Professionals can help you start and grow your business in the Netherlands


You’re moving to the Netherlands - how exciting for you! Starting a life in a foreign country can seem challenging at first, but the experience of working in the Netherlands is truly rewarding. The Netherlands is one of the best countries in Europe for expats – as well as the top EU country for international businesses.

What brings you to the Netherlands this year? Are you looking for work? Starting a business? Or trying to enter the European market? Octagon’s HR services are tailored to empower expats to overcome the unique challenges they face at each phase of their professional lives in the Netherlands.

Phase 1: Learning about the Netherlands

When moving to a new country, you’ll first need to orient yourself and arrange your new life. Business owners will be doing market research and making network connections during this phase.

First, make sure you understand your reason of stay and familiarise yourself with your visa and residence permit. Next, you’ll need to register as a resident with the municipality (gemeente), so you can obtain your Dutch social security number (BSN). Here’s a checklist of items Octagon’s HR team arranges for employees new to the Netherlands.

Businesses will also need to go through the extra steps of registering an entity and making arrangements with the Dutch tax authority (Belastingdienst). That’s why Octagon Professionals enables these businesses to outsource their bookkeeping and payroll management completely. Learn more about Octagon's payroll services.

Phase 2: Start your career or business in the Netherlands

Once you’ve settled your official affairs - it’s time to get to work! Octagon Professionals’ recruitment team specialises in finding international talent both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Octagon works in close collaboration with HR teams to determine the best fit for the company. It’s especially important for growing (and international) businesses to find the right culture match - and Octagon’s unique knowledge and experience enables the team to manage multicultural relationships. Learn more about Octagon's recruitment services

If you’re looking for work in the Netherlands, send Octagon your CV! You never know - you may be the perfect fit for one of their clients.

Phase 3: Grow your business or career

Small and start-up businesses often need as much help as possible becoming operational in the beginning so they can focus on their growth. Once your business has reached that point, Octagon Professionals can help you ease operations to your in-house team with administrative services that will set your in-house payroll and HR team on the right track.

Octagon also understands the importance of compensation packages to attract the people you need. That’s why Octagon doesn’t work with flex contracts, and their standard offer includes employee benefits and pension options so you stand out from the competition as an employer brand. Learn more about Octagon’s payroll services

Phase 4: Thrive as a professional in the Netherlands

It’s no secret that employees (especially expats) perform better and stay with employers longer when they engage with their jobs. Octagon understands how HR can significantly impact your business’ success and goes the extra mile to ensure employees feel secure and engaged in their roles.

Octagon’s HR team will be the first point of contact for your employees during Phase 1 and throughout their careers in the Netherlands. From the moment they’re hired until their very last day - Octagon’s HR team strives to make employees feel at home at your company and in the Netherlands. Learn more about Octagon’s HR services

Contact Octagon Professionals for any HR matter

Octagon is the employer of a large community of international, talented professionals who dedicate their experience, knowledge, and time to support business expansion or operations in the Netherlands. With over 30 years of experience in the Dutch market, the Octagon team can support your global efforts with HR solutions on any strategic level.

Get in touch with Octagon today and find out how tailored HR solutions can help your business grow.



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