Now is the time to bring your business to the Netherlands

Now is the time to bring your business to the Netherlands


Starting a company can be a confusing process, especially in another country, which can act as a barrier to those looking to take a leap in the business world. Fortunately, Intercompany Solutions can assist you in quickly incorporating your business and provide the services needed to get your company off the ground.

The Netherlands is a place of great opportunity for success. The country consistently ranks among the top countries for global competitiveness and is home to leading world banks and businesses. For budding entrepreneurs, the Netherlands offers an ideal environment to grow their business.

Business made simple

Intercompany Solutions works to the highest professional standards to help entrepreneurs all over the world establish their business in the Netherlands. They work to incorporate your business in the Netherlands quickly and effortlessly, as well as providing entrepreneurs with accounting, tax and consulting services and applications. Intercompany understands that maintaining and operating a business in another country can be difficult and oftentimes confusing, so they continue to work alongside you to assist with any enquiries you might have regarding permits and regulations.

Intercompany provides a range of services to companies of all sizes. Get in contact today!

Intercompany helps you to decide what type of company is best for you, whether that is a Dutch NV company, a limited partnership or even setting up a subsidiary or branch in the Netherlands. Their three-step procedure is simple and streamlined, meaning companies can be created and incorporated in the Dutch company register easily in just a short space of time.

Some of you may be concerned about travelling to the Netherlands at this time, especially given the current coronavirus situation. Intercompany understands this and works with international entrepreneurs to provide remote company formation services, including a notary that can work via video allowing you to legalise your documents remotely, as well as remote bank account applications.

Going that extra step

Intercompany believes their duty to their clients goes well beyond the formation and establishment of companies in the Netherlands. They want their clients to succeed and thrive and continue to support companies after their formation, making sure they meet any essential requirements and providing accounting services across the Netherlands.

Intercompany’s services cover all essential business administration; they can help business owners with:

  • Preparing notary and client identification documents 
  • Register with local tax authorities
  • Apply for a company bank account
  • Help select the right company type for you
  • Excellent accounting services
  • Taxes
  • Legal advice

“We also actively support our clients after the company formation to make sure they stay compliant with rules and regulations.” – Bjorn Wagemakers, Director.

An important part of Intercompany’s business is the large network of professionals they have created and maintained. They work closely with tax advisors, financial experts, specialised lawyers, notaries and recruiters, allowing them to work beyond their own area of expertise.

Why choose the Netherlands?

There are many reasons to take your business to the Netherlands. As one of the core members of the EU and the seventh-largest economy, the Netherlands offers exciting opportunities for European trade and international investment. The country also benefits from a well-educated and skilled labour force that is predominantly bilingual.

The Netherlands also offers attractive business regulations and important tax benefits for international companies. In fact, the country offers one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, at 16,5 percent on profits up to 200.000 euros, and is set to lower even further in 2021 to 15 percent. Any profits of over 200.000 euros are taxed at 25 percent, which is also expected to fall over the coming years.

Brexit consequences

The ongoing trade negotiations regarding Britain’s withdrawal from the EU are causing considerable concern amongst business owners. As a “no-deal” Brexit seemingly looms ever closer, a number of entrepreneurs and businesses in Britain are understandably worried about the uncertainty and consequences such a deal might have.

Business owners can expect a delay in business activities while obtaining any new, necessary documentation. Businesses incorporated in Britain will no longer continue to benefit from the EU free market, making it harder and potentially more expensive to trade with other countries within the EU. There is also a risk of losing any European clients you might have, as it will simply be easier and cheaper for them to find a European competitor.

Bring your company to the Netherlands today

Intercompany understands that your company is important to you and is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service in one of the most globally competitive countries in Europe, providing you with unlimited potential for growth and success.

So, if you want to bring your business to the Netherlands, whether it be to take advantage of the Netherlands' low tax rates or to escape the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, get in touch with Intercompany Solutions today. In just a few short days, you could be growing your company in one of the most important business centres of the world!



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