More new businesses in the Netherlands

The number of new businesses is growing, according to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands. More specifically, in 2011, new enterprises increased by 7 percent compared with 2007. 

Top 10 sectors
 Personal services
 Other education
 Financial holdings
 Residential &
  Non-residential construction
 IT services
 Retail trade via the internet
 Architects & Engineers

 Over 60 percent of new businesses in 2011 were "one-man enterprises."
 Nearly 20 percent of all enterprises that started in 2007 closed down within one year.
 Businesses in manufacturing and construction have the greatest chance of staying in business. In fact, the construction industry has been the most dynamic in the last 4 years.
 Enterprises in trade and HORECA have the smallest chance of surviving.
 The number of companies that sell products online is growing fast.



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