Find a job or hire professionals with Blue Lynx

Find a job or hire professionals with Blue Lynx


On average, people spend a third of their lives at work. Choosing what you do for a living is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your job determines so much about the quality of your life. But, the same goes for those on the other side: hiring managers and business owners. Who you choose for your team dictates the short and long-term success of your venture.

Who is Blue Lynx for?

Blue Lynx helps people land the right job opportunities while making it easier for businesses that are looking to hire multilingual international professionals.

Find a job in the Netherlands

You just moved to the Netherlands and you are ready to dive into a great new career challenge. But where do you start? By searching in the right places! As a recruitment agency with 30+ years of experience, Blue Lynx has thousands of registered candidates in its database. Join them today: register on the Blue Lynx website and start your job search right away. They have plenty of employment opportunities for multilingual international professionals.

Best of all: Blue Lynx will support you on each step of your job journey.

What to expect from Blue Lynx as a job seeker

Each month, hundreds of job seekers get registered on the Blue Lynx website and start applying for the jobs they like. Whether you are new to the Dutch market or not, you will find an abundance of recruitment agencies in the Netherlands. But at Blue Lynx, they do things differently and it’s what has kept candidates turning to them for over 30 years. feature_-_photo_-_2.jpeg

Visit the Job Seeker page and search through numerous multilingual opportunities. Found one that would look great on your resume? Then it’s time to apply. Follow the registration process, and remember, you can contact Blue Lynx if you have any questions in the meantime.

Hire professionals in the Netherlands & abroad

The art of finding and attracting employees is called Talent Acquisition. At Blue Lynx, it’s also where innovative technology meets the personalised approach of seasoned recruiters with years of experience. A realm of hiring solutions becomes available when you choose Blue Lynx, your NEN 4400-1 certified recruitment partner in the Netherlands.

Direct hire (Recruitment)

You have an open position at your company and want to fill it in with a talented, multilingual expert. That’s the perfect time to talk to one of the recruiters at Blue Lynx. They go the extra mile to understand who the person you really need is, and then sieve through a sea of candidates to find the right one as soon as possible.


Contracting (Uitzenden)

Contracting comes under many names - you may have heard of: temping, staff leasing, or uitzenden. In this case, Blue Lynx is the employer and is responsible and liable for the administration of salaries, the payment of taxes and social premiums, and all other HR matters like the issuing of employment contracts, payment of pension and HR admin. The on-the-job management of the temp is still in the hands of the business itself.

Executive Search service

Whether your company is opening a new branch or entering a new market, you need high-profile experts to lead the way. In such cases, the Executive Search service is what you need. When Blue Lynx is headhunting a Senior and C-level professional, they pull all the aces out of their sleeves and spare no effort. Blue Lynx recruiters have an extensive network and know the intricacies of communicating with senior executives and industry leaders.

Talent sourcing

Talent sourcing is one of the most time-efficient and cost-friendly ways to find the right talent for your business. You come to Blue Lynx with your vacancy and they take it from there. Once they know the assignment, they build and maintain an up-to-date pipeline of available talent. A service truly tailored to your needs and budget.

Get in touch with Blue Lynx

If you want to talk to one of their experts, give them a call at +31 (0)70 311 7822.



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