Dutch government to help small businesses grow

The Dutch government wants to make it easier for small and middle-sized businesses to borrow money and finance growth. Until 2019 the government will provide a packet of measures which, combined with private investing, should lead to 2,5 billion euros of additional funding.

Financial help for entrepreneurs

Henk Kamp, the Minister of Economic Affairs, told the House of Representatives last week: “Entrepreneurs see increasing chances for growth in the improving economy. Unfortunately entrepreneurs are often in a weak financial position, which increases the risk for banks, leading to insufficient financing alternatives through banks”.

Kamp told the Telegraaf that this initiative is aimed at offsetting the lack of bank loans for small and medium-sized businesses.

Government as guarantor

The government will stand as a guarantor for various funds. This should stimulate private financiers to provide additional market funding.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs will also guarantee 500 million euros for the financing of an achtergestelde leningenfonds, or subordinated loan fund, to be established by private investors.

In addition to these measures the government will provide around 400 million euros in guarantees for alternative funding initiatives such as through credit unions and crowdfunding.

More funding via the DVI

The government will also contribute 100 million euros to the Dutch Venture Initiative (DVI) to encourage existing funds to provide equity to small and medium-sized businesses.

A D66 idea

In boosting the DVI, Minister Kamp is making partial use of the toekomstfonds, or future fund, an innovation and employment initiative announced by the D66 party a few weeks ago. Kees Verhoeven, a D66 member of parliament, stated that it was good the government was already pushing forward with the initiative.

On the other hand, MKB Nederland, the largest entrepreneurs’ organisation in the Netherlands urges a rapid implementation to avoid disrupting growth.


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