Dutch working environment

Starting a new job in the Netherlands can be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with Dutch working culture or your legal entitlements and obligations as an employee.

That's why it's wise to inform yourself about the Dutch working environment so you know what to expect.

In the following sections you can find information about various aspects of Dutch working life:

Dutch employment contracts

On the page on work contracts in the Netherlands you can learn the difference between permanent and temporary contracts. Find out about the contract signing process and view a contact checklist.

Dutch working hours

Find out how many hours make up a full- or part-time working week on our page on working hours in the Netherlands. Learn about legal limits to working hours, overtime work and flexible hours in the Netherlands.

Dutch salaries and payslips

On the page on salary in the Netherlands you can learn the difference between gross salary and net income. Understand the language on your payslip with our payslip vocabulary list, find out what's an average Dutch income and check the minimum wage in the Netherlands.

Dutch working environment

Sick leave, holiday leave and time off work

What is a normal amount of annual holiday leave? How do I call in sick? How long is pregnancy leave? Find out about leave from work in the Netherlands including maternity, paternity and parental leave.

Losing your job and workplace conflicts

On the page about losing your job and workplace conflicts you can find out under what conditions an employer can terminate a contract, and what actions you can take if you are experiencing workplace issues such as harassment.

Need legal assistance? See our listing of expat-friendly lawyers for guidance with employment and labour laws.

B.V. or eenmanszaak: Starting your own business in the Netherlands

Thinking of starting your own business? You'll need to choose a legal form. Learn about the two most common types: the BV and the eenmanszaak.

New EU directive introduced for intra-company transfers

A new Dutch residence permit for intra-corporate transferees is set to have an impact on international companies and their foreign employees in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands job market: an overview of what to expect in 2017

2016 has proven a good year for growth in the job market. With the new year around the corner, we can expect a rise in wages, employment and spending.

Changing employers as an expat in the Netherlands: 3 transition examples

Avoiding residency problems is top priority when changing employers as an expat. We look at three different scenarios based on individual circumstances.

Healing Offices: a new kind of work space

Imagine being able to walk into work and feel like you're actually in a sanctuary. Believe it or not, that was the aim of Dutch designers D/DOCK.

Dutch government to support companies hiring people with disabilities

The Dutch government has announced plans to support employers in hiring people with physical and psychological disabilities using a new policy.

1 in 400 new businesses grow to gazelle status in the Netherlands

Which industries have the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands? New figures reveal some interesting trends in Dutch business development.

A job that makes you happy: 5 ways to increase job satisfaction

Work does not have to be just a source of income. A job that gives you satisfaction is not just a myth, and these tips can help get you there.

Employee or contractor? Important advice for freelancers in the Netherlands

The new model agreement system for freelancers highlights how essential it is to define your working relationship with clients.

Can you lose your job playing Pokémon Go in the Netherlands?

News of a young worker sent home for playing Pokémon Go at the office has sparked a discussion about workplace internet use that can lead to dismissal.




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