Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion
Twenty tips and Twenty Tasks for Finding Work That Makes Your Spirit Soar
163pp, paperback, 12 euros

Author / publisher / writing mentor Jo Parfitt's motto is "sharing what I know to help others grow," and she certainly demonstrates this on a regular basis. Her energy and unbridled enthusiasm for her work are contagious as she shares her extensive knowledge and experience with others. Fortunately she has condensed that experience and know-how into her book Find Your Passion, particularly useful for anyone seeking "work that makes your spirit soar." The resulting 20 tips and accompanying tasks effectively build upon each other to help you identify work about which you can be passionate.

"I wrote this book because I believe that if you are to live a balanced, happy life, you have to put some passion into as many areas of it as you can... we lose sight of our passions over time... This book is to help you dig out the passions you used to have, uncover the passions you have now if only you had the time to think about them, and to work on a blueprint for success," Parfitt explains. 

As she shares in an early chapter, Parfitt's own creative career path was originally born out of necessity as an accompanying expat spouse without work privileges in Oman. Four countries and many years later, she has built a formidable career infused with passion. She goes on to outline 20 highly effective, actionable tips in chapters such as:
 What Matters?
 Your Unique Contribution
 What Drives Your Career?
 What's Stopping You?
 If Money Were No Object
 Find Your Defining Moments
 How to Make Your Passion Pay

Parfitt knows that showing is always better than merely telling, and so she provides accompanying tasks that effectively demonstrate how to ferret out your own answers. The task exercises and queries in Find Your Passion are designed specifically to help distill informative, insightful responses with which to begin building your own "blueprint for success."

Parfitt ends with a dozen inspiring case studies in which contributers describe their own careers, how they found their passions and made them reality, who helped them along the way, and how that passion has made a difference in their lives.

Linda A. Janssen


Linda A. Janssen

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