[Book Review] Hi! I am your Champion

Champion, a human immune cell, tells his life story in this compelling narrative. He is responsible for protecting the human against invaders and inspiring the human to fulfill his unique mission in life. Champion discovers and reveals the secret of healing during an emotionally stirring conflict.

"Hi! I am your Champion" is an impressive story about the Universal Path one takes from emptiness to fulfillment. Just as in the classics, The Little Prince and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, this is a book about love, passion, and happiness.

Henk Fransen is a physician who worked in Mother Teresa’s home for the dying in Calcutta and in various African hospitals.

The translator’s testimonial

In 2004 I was loaned the Dutch version of this book to read by a very dear friend, Martie Gerus. I found it good enough to purchase a copy for myself so that I would always have it on hand.

Unfortunately however, as with so many good books, it found its way onto my bookshelf, never to be opened again. Until... late in 2007 I was told I had breast cancer. After many years of not taking care of myself (way too much stress) I was now paying what could be considered the ultimate penalty.

A couple of weeks after my surgery, I sat in my chair with my eye’s closed, contemplating the question "what do I need now?" A clear picture of Henk Fransen, the author of this book, came into my mind’s eye.

I had met Dr. Fransen a number of years earlier at a workshop he gave. I knew him to be a compassionate man, who was dedicated to helping people with cancer in their recovery process. Immediately I phoned him. This contact with Henk was just one of the many gifts I received as I began to heal my body and my life.

So off the bookshelf it came, back into my now eager hands, to refresh my memory about what Champion had experienced. What a difference a different perspective makes. This book was now filled with messages which I knew could make a difference in my healing process.

hi i am your champion book

Late in 2009 I received a phone call from Henk. He wanted to have his Dutch book translated into English and asked me if I would consider doing the translation. Needless to say, I was very enthusiastic.

This book, which by then I had read a number of times, never ceased to amaze me about the wonders of the human body and our ability for self-healing.

The story of Champion, and how he marshalled all the immune cells to rally in support of the human, had been responsible for one of my most powerful and comforting visualisations. I said an unequivocal yes!

So this is how your Champion has reached you. My hope is that his story will help you in your search for healing and assist you in recognising just how powerful we are when we are willing to participate in helping ourselves heal.
Mary Jane Roy



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