Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders: Portraits of American women from around the world

A collection of photographic works of art should always be printed in the best quality possible and this collection by My-Linh Kunst, although self-published, is of that kind of quality with printed hardback cover and glossy thick paper that makes the reader feel they are holding the photographs themselves.

The book has been published to accompany a world-touring exhibition of the same name championing American women around the world who are making a difference to those around them and who represent all that is good and positive from a country that sits currently in a negative pool of opinion. The women’s portraits are accompanied by relevant quotes and short written pieces on their contributions to society and a little life history and background. The combination of portrait and text brings them fully to life.

A coffee-table book with a striking cover portrait of one of the thirty women portrayed, it would be easy to delve in, take inspiration from one of the impressive subjects and carry that feel-good factor all day. Kunst, herself an American world citizen of inspiring qualities, is very serious in her intentions for this book, but the reader can take it on any level and do it no injustice.


Deborah Inman


Deborah Inman



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