TodaysArt 2011

TodaysArt 2011


The seventh edition of the international art and music festival TodaysArt is dedicated to adventurous, pioneering and unrestricted creativity for an unknown future. Whatever happens, TodaysArt wishes to keep taking the public along for a ride into new territories, and to continue exploring tools for this unknown future - to celebrate the unfamiliar, and to feast upon each other's imagination.

Inspired and supported by artists and the public, TodaysArt takes its visitors on a journey through the most exciting developments in contemporary performing and visual arts. This year, there are many special and unique works and performances with more than 150 artists from the Netherlands and abroad.

Since its inception in 2005, TodaysArt has amplified and celebrated the current creative climate, focusing intensely on the present without ignoring the past or the future and providing context on many levels throughout its programmes.

Year in, year out, the festival maintains an equal ratio of local, national and international artists and offers stages for rising talent and daring pioneers, who boldly explore the possibilities of the new and often controversial forms of expression. This approach results in a platform that gives artists valuable exposure to - and interaction with - international audiences and in return provides audiences with a chance to tap into the global zeitgeist.

International festival beyond art.
23 & 24 September 2010

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