The Wine Set: A tasting with soundtrack


The 4th edition of The Wine Set follows the same idea as the first one back in May 2001: a different, itinerant, social, wine event!

This aperitivo lunch takes place at the Smeg Showroom and presents the best grapes from Emilia Romagna mixed with music sets and entertaining happenings.

› Address: Smeg Showroom on Piet Heinkade, Withoedenveem 12, 1019 HE Amsterdam
 Parking space - available on the side of the building
› Date: November 12 (closing date November 10)
 Limited number of tickets available
 To reserve your glass and cook workshop, please follow the instructions here
› RSVP here
› More information here

Apart from the "Wine Doctor," who will guide guests and collect their impressions for a special Wine Journal, participants will also meet:

 Verkerk Wijnimport

Amsterdam-based wine importer with with 20 years of experience in importing Italian elegant wines.

 Brunello WijnImport

Italian importer from Den Haag specializing in exclusive grapes and fine Italian products.

 Ceci Wines

Producer from Emilia Romagna with an innovative mix of grapes from the Parma hills terroir.

 Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna 

Winery and museum located in Dozza (close to Bologna), where producers can exhibit and promote their wines and local products.

 The official Smeg Chef Antonella Barbella, who will show guests how to create handmade ravioli in a few simple steps, and delight us with her bread and pizza creations.

 Our host, the Smeg Kitchen - an institution for Italian design and style - will reveal their showroom with its design products.

 The Wine Set DJettes, Marcia and Priscilla will entertain us with the sound of wine in a fizzy retro music selection.

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