Short expat-centred film 'home'

Short expat-centred film 'home'


This 22-minute short film is an engaging and relatable view into the life of a Greek expat in Amsterdam.

The story of "home"

Still struggling to start a career in Amsterdam, the Greek immigrant Dimitris spends his nights working as a dishwasher and disc jockey in a club. After several rejections he finally manages to get a job offer from a Japanese company.

His girlfriend Sofia, on the other hand, already has a steady job and has spent some effort in trying to learn the language.

"Should we start a new life and make new friends... again?" This dilemma takes a couple of turns as Dimitris meets several people who remind him of his commitment to Sofia and the eventual consequences of leaving her behind.

Director’s statement about "home"

"home" is a film that tries to define what it means to feel "at home". It is a reflection on memories and experiences.

Sometimes we wake up and wonder what we’ve done in this country for so long, what we’ve achieved, who have we become. And what are we in the eyes of the locals.

The film makers approached this film as a mission to write a small diary for themselves and to maybe finally throw an anchor, halting on the question what "home" means for expats.

Who participated in "home"

The following people participated in the making of "home":
Cast: Sofia Gialama, Dimitris Chalkias, Lotte Voets, Ijbert Verweij, Michael Bayasli
Written, directed, edited by Leonardo Cariglino
Produced by Cornelia Julieta / Aristo Productions


You can view "home" in cinema de Uitkijk in Amsterdam on Thursday September 10. The short film "Kinisis (Traffic)" by the same maker will also be screened here on August 13.



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