Shoot Me Film Music Festival 2011


The Shoot Me Film & Music Festival will be held at BINK36 in The Hague from the 7th until the 16th of October 2011.

What makes Shoot Me Festival unique is the combination of an international selection of documentaries, movies and experimental films with live music and legendary parties. At this 7th edition of Shoot Me, the weekends will be all about Brooklyn and Africa; the visitors will jump into the history of The Hague through a special boat trip, will watch 60s style movies and enjoy typical Brooklyn Film Classics at a Drive-In Cinema.

From Brooklyn till Africa! 
Both Shoot Me weekends will focus on Brooklyn (October 8-9) and Africa (October 15-16). Brooklyn (Breukelen) was the first place in New York where the Dutch settled in 1624. The neighbourhood is known for its rich history of film and creativity. The programme will focus on Brooklyn-based filmmakers such as Spike Lee.

On October 15-16, the programme will be all about Africa, with special attention to the innovation, creativity and future of young African filmmakers, artists and musicians. There will be films in collaboration with the film festival "Africa in the Picture," the "Africa, WOW!" film competition, the Dutch premiere of "The Africa Project" as well as live music with the African Soundclash together with Jam de la Crème.

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Highlight: Retrospective Spike Lee 
The wilful filmmaker Spike Lee from New York will be honoured by Shoot Me with a retrospective of his work. Lee is known for films such as "Malcolm X" (1992, with Denzel Washington) and "25th Hour" (2002, with Edward Norton). He had his first big success in 1989 with the movie "Do the Right Thing," about his hometown Brooklyn, New York.

Lee makes socially committed movies in which music often plays an important role. The retrospective of Shoot Me, will screen "Crooklyn," "Bamboozled," "Do the right thing," "Clockers" and "25th Hour."

The festival also includes:
 Dutch Music Video Competition | October 13
 Maritime Film Experience | October 14



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