PINC Conference: People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity


PINC is an annual conference that brings together speakers from all kinds of disciplines to share brilliant new ideas, inspiring stories and impressive visual presentations. People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity - these are what PINC stands for and what PINC talks centre on.

This unique conference invites 16 national and international speakers, who have almost nothing in common except for passion for what they do and an absolute faith in the power of innovation, inspiration and creativity.

Who attends the PINC conference?
PINC is intended for people with an open mind and a desire to stimulate their mind, heart and brain. Leaders, innovators, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, communication specialists, designers, artists, scientists, economists, and everyone who simply wants to be inspired are welcome in the conference.

Event details
Date & time:  May 22, 9am - 9pm
Address: Hotel Figi, Het Rond 2, 3701 HS, Zeist
Participation cost: 975 euros  (excluding VAT)
Registration: Please fill in the form.
For more information, check out the official website.

Special offer for IamExpat readers
For all IamExpat readers who are interested in going to the PINC.13, the organisers offer free signed copies of the book "Causing a Scene," written by one of the speakers Charlie Todd.

If you go to the registration form and fill in "IamExpat" in the "Questions or Remarks" field, the organisers will make sure you receive the signed book at the conference.

pinc conference

PINC.13 speakers
The 13th edition of the PINC Conference features the following speakers:
Richard Saul Wurman (USA), Founder and Creator of TED Conferences
Thomas Rosenboom (NL), Author
Emar Vegt (DE), BMW Sound Designer
Charlie Todd (USA), Founder of Improv Everywhere
›  May Berenbaum (USA), Entomologist, Insect Fear Film Festival Founder
Herbert Blankesteijn (NL), Internet Explorer
Tristan Gooley (UK), Natural TomTom
Nicholas Bonner (UK), Cinematographer, North Korean films
Christian Boer (NL), Designer Dyslexie
Peter Brugger (CH), Neuropsychologist on Coincidence
Charlie Frowd (UK), Constructing the face of a criminal
Keimpe De Heer (NL), Smartphones in the Classroom
Antto Melasniemi (FI), Food Visionary
Zita Cobb (Canada), Transforming Fogo islands as a magnet for the arts
Reuben Margolin (USA), Kinetic Sculptor




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