Party with a Local


Party with a Local is a free app that connects travellers and locals that want to party. It is based on the idea that a night out anywhere is better with a local.

When you’re travelling, it’s a fun and simple way to meet locals, make new friends and find the best parties!

Between travels? Party with a Local is a unique way to see your own city with fresh eyes, discover new places and to make contacts for your next trip abroad.

Party with a Local, a concept born out of Startup Weekend Amsterdam in 2011, was released on the App Store in late October and since then, the community has grown to almost 500 users, mostly in Amsterdam.

party with a local app

party with a local

How it works
Users login to the app using Facebook and some basic information (name, age, sex, location) is collected to fill in their profile. Other optional information, including photos and a biography can also be added to enhance their profile.

Users are then able to browse other locals or travellers who are nearby, chat with them, arrange to meet up and party. A status can also be set party-wise, e.g. "Let’s go for a beer" and a bar or club can be suggested to meet at. This status is then broadcast for other users of Party with a Local to see.

Party with a Local is currently available for free on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch through the iTunes app store. An Android version of the app is in the works and people can also register their interest on the website.

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