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Capture the best moments of your nights out and NightTag the weekend away!

Have you ever been in a great party, at an unforgettable gig, in a cozy bar, or at a glorious festival, wishing that you could share the moment with your friends who are not there with you?

Olmeca Tequila and Amsterdam Worldwide, the Amsterdam-based creative agency, are collaborating to launch a revolutionary social music app: NightTag, an application that makes it possible for party people, festival goers and music lovers to share an entire night experience via Facebook in one post.

It is one of the first music recognition apps that integrates with Facebook Timeline.

How does it work?
At the touch of a button, the multi-functional app allows you to take a photo, while its music-recognition software identifies the tune being played, and its inbuilt GPS pinpoints the location.

NightTag then posts all three elements onto your Facebook Timeline, in one cohesive photo post.

nighttag by amsterdam worldwide

Other features
Apart from sharing your entire nightlife moments, NightTag enables you to:

› Listen to streaming music from online radio stations around the world
NightTag also functions as a portal to the electronic music scene through its streaming page, allowing you to discover new music, find exclusive remixes or simply listen to your favourite tracks - if you decide to take it easy and stay in for the weekend.

› See events listings (in selected regions, including Amsterdam)
The application makes it possible for you to scroll down to the desired date and search dance music events and gigs by venue - or on the map to find your nearest hotspot.

› Relive your best moments by playing to the track you were listening when you took the photo - anytime you want.

› Check out friends' NightTag on Facebook; comment, share and like them.

 NightTag by Olmeca is available on all iPhone Operating Systems, while the Android version supports Android OS 2.2 and above.

 Both touch and non-touch BlackBerry users are also supported with devices running OS 5.0 and above.


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