Mandela Landscape


In 2003, the renowned pop photographer Anton Corbijn made a portrait series of Nelson Mandela in Cape Town. Years later, one of these portraits has now formed the base of a delightful and insightful art collaboration between Anton Corbijn and visual artist Berend Strik, with ZAM Magazine being the proud recipient of this artwork.

Berend Strik has re-worked the portrait by using the unique stitching technique that brought him international fame, resulting in a double-sided artwork - Mandela Landscape - the backside showing a labyrinth of wires and stitches.

During "Behind Mandela Landscape" artist talk, the artists spoke about their co-production:
Berend Strik: "It was a wonderful experience for us to work together as we were able to integrate our unique artistry styles to create a piece that was able to encompass our individual interpretation of the South African landscape."
Anton Corbijn: "Berend has created something unique. His work breathes a life of its own."

ZAM publisher Ama Koranteng-Kumi has stated how extremely honoured ZAM are by the piece which has been donated by Corbijn and Strik: "The earnings of this will go a long way to contributing to the launch of the first international English edition of ZAM magazine and expanding our market from Lagos to New York to Berlin to Bamako."

How to buy
A limited edition of 80 Mandela Landscape art prints (80x80) are available, personally signed and numbered by the artists. The price per print is 2.000 euros (excluding tax and handling fees).

For more information contact ZAM Magazine:
 +31 (0) 20 531 84 97

About the artists
Anton Corbijn (Strijen, 1955) is a world renowned photographer and filmmaker. His work is primarily known for his famous photography of rock musicians and other artists.

As a film-maker he directed more than 75 videoclips which were amongst others for the likes of U2, Depeche Mode, Coldplay and Nirvana, His more known directorial films are films Control (2007) and The American (2010). He has won many international awards, one of the more recent being 3 awards for Control at the Filmfestival Cannes. In 2011, he also received the prestigious Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Prize.

Berend Strik (Nijmegen, 1960) is a multi-talented artist. For nearly 20 years he has been acclaimed nationally and internationally for his stitchings of brightly coloured threads in photography. He specialises using different spheres on the periphery of visual art, stitching, collages which in turn creates catching and fascinating art works.

About ZAM
ZAM Magazine is an international multi-media platform celebrating African creativity and new thinking. Based in Amsterdam and committed to giving an edgy and contemporary viewpoint on Africa.

Founded in 1997, the ZAM network fuels a critically acclaimed, independent, quarterly magazine, digital media, events and art pieces. ZAM is read and experienced by a global audience of cultural creatives and opinion leaders.

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