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The drive to meet new and interesting people is something shared by all expats around the world. Being far from friends and family can be quite uncomfortable. Trying to meet people can be overwhelming. Joining is a place where anyone can find new people to meet for social activities!

Nowadays there are numerous websites telling you about the cool things happening in your area. But how do you know who is actually up for a tennis match or maybe just a beer?

With Joining, you can easily search for activities nearby and meet people with similar interests. And don’t worry; if you want something else, just create your own activity and let other people join you in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, or anywhere in the Netherlands!

Joining will also launch its mobile version soon, which will allow users to access the website on the go, in an optimised format. This way anyone can plan or search for an activity on their way back from work or school.

This new startup was founded by an alumnus of the RSM Erasmus University, who himself was an expat in many countries ranging from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Joining aims to become a global website, which can make it the first worldwide Netherlands-based social media platform!

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