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This Sunday October 20, around 35.000 people will take part in one of the events of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, either the eight-kilometre run, the half marathon or, of course, the full marathon.

Yet, what does it take to run a marathon? According to the House of Running, sheer determination and good, professional training!

About the House of Running

Signing up to join the House of Running means you will go on weekly group training runs with coaches, take part in interval training and hill sessions to bolster your fitness and offer some variety, and receive a customised training schedule to help you reach your goal.

You can also benefit from extra information sessions covering other elements of training, such as nutrition, correct stretching techniques and even how to mentally prepare for an event such as the Amsterdam Marathon.

Truly international

You can expect to meet a truly international group of runners, all with different fitness levels and speed, coached in English by trained professionals whose aim is to help you reach your goal no matter what distance and make sure you have a whole lot of fun along the way!

The courses are meant for anyone wanting to improve or even start running; you don’t have to be aiming for a marathon (although be prepared that that is where you may end up!).

Runners & Friends

Everyone who has joined the House of Running has found not only motivation, but a whole new circle of friends, who train together, support each other on race days and, importantly, celebrate their achievements together.

In the words of Laurie Villarreal, the House of Running’s founder, "I wanted to bring people together to support, motivate and inspire each other... to make it easier to reach our goals. I work to create an enjoyable running experience; one which is fun and motivating, yet challenging."

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Upcoming running events

The House of Running organises events on a regular basis:
 Free Run | October 27
 Free Run | November 3
 Free Run | November 10
 Bootcamp | November 11
 Free Run | November 20
 Half & Full Marathon Training | November 23

Do you want to meet like-minded internationals and get the most out of running? Join one of the gatherings above and learn more about the Fall-Winter Training program.

Final notes

 For marathon observers

The House of Running brings people together to support, motivate and inspire each other. Over 50 of its members will participate in this Amsterdam Marathon, so even if you are not taking part in the marathon, you can still join us to cheer on the Amsterdam Marathon Runners.

What to come cheer and get inspired? Join the Facebook event.

 For marathon participants

For all you brave souls who are already taking part on Sunday, here is a final tip: for an extra push to the finish, try breaking up your run into sections, such as one km or five km, and focus on completing each part one at a time.

Dedicating each of those parts to a friend or loved one will help power you through. Write it on your wrist or make a wrist band to remind you throughout the race, especially when it gets tough.




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