The Dutch Golden Age: Gateway to our modern world

The Dutch Golden Age: Gateway to our modern world


Are you curious about the rich history and cultural developments of the Dutch Golden Age? Take a step back in time and discover more with this recently released book!

The Dutch Golden Age book examines in depth the most exciting era in Dutch history. Readers are taken back to the 17th century, when a new republic was established after a successful rebellion from the Spanish Empire.

United, the Dutch Republic emerged like none before with a booming economy, a government ruled by the people and a tolerant society with unprecedented privileges, including religious freedom. 

Comprised of nearly 200 pages and brilliant images, "The Dutch Golden Age" (book) delightfully illuminates this affluent era of discovery while highlighting trends like globalisation, consumerism and tolerance which are still relevant in our modern world.

In the meantime, commerce expanded as ships sailed far and wide for the Dutch East India Company whose prosperity dominated the seas and led to the establishment of the world’s first stock exchange in Amsterdam.

Explorers brought back exotic new goods like spices and tulips as merchants established trading posts in distant locations from Brazil to Indonesia. 

The Dutch Golden Age Book front cover

The Dutch Golden Age Book

Scientists experimented to untangle nature’s unknown while wealthy patrons supported the new visions of reality presented by innovative artists.

About the authors
Hans Goedkoop (1963) is a well-known historian and presenter in the Netherlands who recently developed a television series about the Dutch Golden Age.

Kees Zandvliet (1953) is a historian, cartography expert and professor at the University of Amsterdam who created "The Golden Age" exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum.

Together, the two have worked extensively to present a thorough account on the Golden Age as the gateway to our modern world.

 Publisher: Walburg Press
 ISBN: 978.90.5730.890.1
 192 pages
 22,3 x 28,6 (width and height in cm)
 Price: 29,95 euros
 Order the book online here


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