[Book Review] Love Food, Live Healthy


"Love Food, Live Healthy" is ideal if you want to eat more consciously or lose weight without compromising on flavour or your enjoyment of food.

A very achievable, common sense approach to healthy eating and cooking. With over 150 no-fuss, contemporary recipes suitable for cooks of all skill levels. As well as the recipes in the book showing you what to eat, there is lots of information about how to eat to stay healthy.

This book started life as a collection of recipes used by Karen Vivers to lose over 40kgs. Karen was diagnosed with a Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D ) in 2003 and had lost and gained 100s of kgs over her teenage and adult life.

Karen realised that she had to face her fear (and her great love) - food - and take a whole new approach.

This became the start of her successful and sustainable weight loss and the inspiration for her business "The Cooking Coach."

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About Karen Vivers

A first time author, Karen Vivers is originally from Isle of Bute, Scotland and has lived in Amsterdam since 1997. She has eaten her way to Amsterdam via London and Portugal.

Now, as owner and founder of "The Cooking Coach," Karen teaches others to cook, gives Culinary Tours of Amsterdam and writes for expat publications in the Netherlands.

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