Art Space 7: The Turkish artists' centre


On April 8, the art centre "Art Space 7" opens its doors in the heart of Amsterdam (Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 27c) and welcomes visitors to enjoy the official opening as well as its first exhibition "Sublime Porte."

"Art Space 7" is founded by "7 Hills Foundation" (Ipek Mihrac Sur and Sinan Efe) and aims at presenting Turkish artists from all over the world.

"With its open door policy, “Art Space 7” will be open to any artist or curator who wants to collaborate and share their work with our diverse audience. It is "Art Space 7" aim to create a platform where there will be a continuous exchange of ideas, concepts, and processes," explain the founders.

Art Space 7 seven hills


Anita Kalmane


Anita Kalmane

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