Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2011


The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR), the biennial festival for films concerning urbanism and architecture, takes place this year for the sixth time in Rotterdam. A very diverse, four-day (October 6-9) programme featuring 100 movies, shorts and documentaries about glamour architects. Sidekicks include talkshows, debates, lectures and (bike)tours. For the first time, "the best of AFFR 2011" will be screened simultaneously in the city of Groningen.

Central themes in the AFFR 2011 programme
 Think Big, Act Small
 Premiere films
 Glamour architects and unknown talent
 A journey round the world in a lounge chair
 Religious buildings

Opening film - Ekümenopolis
The festival opens with the Turkish movie Ekümenopolis (Imre Azem, TU, 2011, 88 minutes), a documentary about the metropole Istanbul, suffering from a widening gap between rich and poor.


Practical information
Tickets for the film cost 9 euros (regular) / 8 euros (on producing an OV annual season ticket, CJP or 65+ pass). Day tickets cost 25 euros. Please note that ticket pre-sale starts on September 26, available via the LantarenVenster box office. For more information you may call at +31 (0) 10 277 22 77.

The AFFR is made possible due to the cooperation of the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, Stichting Volkskracht, the Nederlandse Fonds voor de Film, SNS Reaalfonds, Job Durafonds and the Vlaams-Nederlands Huis de Buren, and Rotterdam Festivals.



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