West Housing Services & Namasté Foundation building a better future in Nepal


Especially for the holiday season, West Housing Services is teaming up with the Namasté Foundation in order to provide education opportunities to impoverished children in rural Nepal. 

Namasté's developmental work in Nepal

The Namasté Foundation has been working hard to give women and children in Nepal a chance to escape poverty. They see the potential and the undeniable motivation and dedication women and children in the region possess to help themselves.

Children eager to learn, and women eager to work: Namasté is simply the stepping stone which allows them to do so. Together with the local community, they strive to provide opportunities and resources for a better life.

Recent projects & future goals of Namasté

One of Namasté's most recent projects has been to build a Women's Empowerment Center.

This new construction has taken place in a mountainous area close to the city of Pokhara. At the center, roughly 50 women per year will receive education and support to lead a self-sufficient and independent life. 

However, the work of Namasté is far from done. There are many exciting plans unfolding to help support the community of thousands living in the surrounding areas.

Included among the many Namasté building project goals are a medical post, handicapped and elderly home, a vocational training centre, a library and even a vegetable garden.

The most important aspect of these ongoing projects is their continuity. The Namasté Foundation puts in a dedicated and continuous effort to make sure the area keeps on developing.


West Housing Services supports Namasté

Of course, all of these wonderful projects are impossible without support. West Housing Services has chosen to sponsor Namasté and contribute to the construction of these projects.

Together with other Namaste sponsors and projects that generate independent incomes, the foundation is able to keep performing their amazing work in Nepal.

Special December donations

In the spirit of Christmas, West Housing Services has agreed to donate a portion of each successful home search in December to the Namasté Foundation.

The donations will provide housing and education for one Nepali child for two months. The children will get everything they need to go to school: all supplies, a scholarship to pay for their tuition fees and housing.

West Housing Services donations will help children in Nepal by giving them a safe, clean, and permanent residence while receiving a proper education.

West Housing Services offers a tailored home search service to assist families, expats and companies with all their rental accommodation requirements in the Netherlands.

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