Designing your ideal home in the Netherlands


So you have bought - or you are about to buy - your first home in the Netherlands. Now, once the excitement of finally finding your dream home has cleared, you realise how much work there is left to do.

A new kitchen, bathroom, remodelled bedrooms... even entirely new floors and walls. As is often the case in the Netherlands, houses are sold entirely gutted, leaving you with a clean slate but nowhere to sleep.

It’s at this point you realise that a trip to Ikea probably won’t cut it. Time to engage a professional? Meet interior architect Rob Guillonard.

About Design Studio Rob Guillonard

Rob Guillonard's Design Studio offers full-service interior architecture. Rob has been designing home renovations and interiors for 25 years, and the Design Studio has worked on everything from private new constructions, expansions and room remodelling to commercial and hotel designs.

The studio's aim is to find the right solution for you by using a friendly approach based on putting themselves in your position, creating plans with an eye for dimensions, details, material and colour.

The services are entirely flexible. If you already have a contractor and only want a sketch plan or construction planning, they are more than happy to offer that. If, however, you need them to take care of the whole project, the studio is well equipped to do that too.

How Design Studio Rob Guillonard works

It starts with an initial consultation. Then, based on what you are looking for (and how much you want to spend) they draw up a sketch plan.

      Plan and execution of a kitchen design. Design Studio Rob Guillonard kitchen

For more examples of his work, check out his website.

After further discussion, any modifications you would like are incorporated into the final plan, from which detailed drawings are made. Then they propose colours and materials, and design a light and electricity plan.

The studio is able to make a job description or specification, monitor budget and schedule, and tender out the jobs for you to external disciplines such as design engineers, carpenters and landscape architects. It can also take care of the environmental permit application process for new construction or expansion plans.

Then they build it, and soon after that, you move in. Much easier than trying to do it all yourself.

Contact Rob Guillonard

 Official Website
 Address: Nieuwe westerdokstraat 94,
1013 AG Amsterdam
 Telephone: +31 (0)20 626 58 52 or
+ 31 (0)6 55 38 27 26
Architect register No. 4.890201.014



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