Checklist: What to do when moving house?

Checklist: What to do when moving house?


So, you're moving. You're feeling adventurous and excited about your new house, that is... until the practicalities start to loom. Nobody likes this bit.

Notifying companies of your change of address, contacting utility companies in good time so you're not showering at the gym for weeks on end...

But it needn't be such a chore. You can start by using the following Moving House Checklist from PartnerPete to make the move as simple and pain-free as possible:

Don't leave packing to the last minute

Get your boxes early! Don't wait until the last minute to start packing, a minimum of two weeks is a good rule of thumb.

Start with things like seasonal clothes that you're not wearing at the moment and leave essential items to last. In the frenzy of packing, it´s easy to accidentally box every bowl in the kitchen!

In the Netherlands, most moving companies can provide you with boxes and they can pick them up again after you've moved in.

Take care of the essential redirections asap

Handle the essential redirections as soon as you can; the ones that you have to do personally, such as registration at the council, notifying your doctors, the kids’ school etc.

With these out of the way, you can comfortably leave the rest up to a professional connections service who will take the stress out of organising your new utilities.

Get yourself connected

Most utilities companies’ correspondence will be in Dutch which can make the whole process very difficult and protracted for non-natives. You can save yourself hours of time, and money too, by using a connections service.

For example, PartnerPete operates completely in English, so you can be sure that you aren't missing any significant details. With just one online form (or phone call), they gather all the necessary info to connect your internet, TV, phone & mobile, and utilities such as water, gas or electricity.

They will organise your chosen utility connections within 24 hours, making sure they are accessible in the shortest time possible. You will be notified of the exact arrangements via email. This will take those pesky price comparisons, calls and notifications off your hands.

PartnerPete and Ziggo

Additional benefits such as local, green energy and partnerships with some of the best service providers in the country have made PartnerPete particularly successful.

They can hook you up with Ziggo for instance. Ziggo has been named the best Internet provider in The Netherlands seven times in a row. Ziggo's internet packages deliver the best possible speed and its TV services are comprehensive and personalised, especially for expats. 

If you're looking to keep up with your favourite TV shows from back home, whether you're from the US, India, Turkey or the UK, they have packages to suit.

 Save some money if you can

Moving house can be an expensive business. So, take the chance to save some money whilst you can.

Give yourself time to shop around for movers or van rental companies. If a connection service like PartnerPete is handling utilities for you, ask them to compare packages to make sure you get the best deal.

PartnerPete's service is free of charge

PartnerPete will handle all the paperwork for you; whether you're moving to or within the country, or even if you are simply switching from one provider to the other.

In addition to your utilities, PartnerPete can also organise any necessary insurance and they can even get you a professional cleaner.

Most importantly, the service is completely free. You don't pay any more than you would talking to providers directly and there are no surcharges.

Whatever your particular situation, the company's English-speaking customer service team will be happy to help you with all of your connection needs.

Last year, PartnerPete helped more than 15.000 expats and scored 9/10 or higher in terms of customer satisfaction.*

Get a Dutch bank account

In the Netherlands, you will need a Dutch bank account in order to organise your finances. Many of them offer expat services and/or information in English and you can easily sign up online.

Connections service providers can advise you on how best to go about this in advance of setting up your home.

Don't forget about your pets

Moving can be very stressful to animals, so make sure that they are looked after by a friend, relative or neighbour on moving day; to save yourself the stress of scouring the neighbourhood for your furry friend before you leave.

Take the time to feel at home

When you arrive in your new abode, make sure you make the time to really settle in. PartnerPete will ensure you have everything necessary hooked up so you can surf the net, take a nice, relaxing bath and watch the best TV around as quickly as possible.

Like the thousands of expats that they have helped before you, all you will have left to do is sit back and enjoy your new home.

*Amongst 96% percent of respondents.

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