[Winter 2015] ACCESS e-zine


ACCESS e-zine is a quarterly lifestyle publication written for and by the international community in the Netherlands. The e-zine is published four times per year and aims at enlightening, informing and connecting all international expat readers.

About ACCESS Winter 2015 e-zine

After having covered the other three elements in the previous seasons’ issues, the winter edition of the ACCESS e-zine will cover "fire" as it equates to energy and warmth.

Main theme: Warmth in Dutch winter

The main theme of this edition is Warmth in Dutch winter. It explores innovations and trends regarding the search for new sources of energy in the Netherlands.

There will be lots of great lifestyle tips, too! How do we warm our bodies, bellies and hearts? Check out the best winter solutions, health tips and a great recipe!

Not everything is related to winter or energy, however, articles will include interesting information about the Dutch Delta, the value of time and tips on raising multilingual children.


ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the international community in the Netherlands.

It is staffed by an enthusiastic team of around 115 volunteers from more than 35 countries, all of whom are trained to provide comprehensive information, advice and support, and are empathetic to the experience of internationals.




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