Westwing: the new approach to exclusive interior design


Have you been thinking about redecorating a room in your house or even a complete home makeover, but you're in need for inspiration and professional advice? Then look no further!

Westwing is the new way of online shopping for trendy, modern and classic interior design. From the comfort of your couch you can browse through the most beautiful and exclusive products for your home and office.

Westwing prides itself on its unique collection that's always one step ahead of the competition, while at the same time remaining affordably priced and accessible.

From modern bathroom accessories and lighting fixtures to a complete furniture set or makeover for your living room, Westwing has you covered.

Make your home your home

If you feel the need to personalise your home so it’s a better representation of who you are and what you stand for, Westwing is a good place to start. If you’re not quite sure yet of the direction you want to go in, but you feel redecorating your home is way overdue, the website also a great source for inspiration.

Whether you’re just looking for some minor decorations, home accessories or a more comprehensive makeover, the Westwing webshop has lots of different options.

Product categories include the baby room, office, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, kid’s room balcony, terrace and the yard. If your pet needs some new accessories, look no further! Westwing has it all.

Styles include retro, vintage, Scandinavian, shabby chic, Feng Shui and many more.

Westwing Magazine

In the Westwing Magazine you will find creative DIY solutions, tips and tricks, interviews and insights into the latest interior design trends. Not only that, you can catch a glimpse of the latest stunning interiors in the Netherlands in order to find inspiration for how to give your own home a fresh, new look.

Members only

Westwing takes pride in its exclusive offerings and insights, and only allows registered members access to the carefully selected brands and products on its website. Registration is free and gives immediate access to the latest sales.

Purely quality brands

Westwing works together with popular brands that are known for their quality products, including Zuiver, Villeroy & Boch, Pols Potten, Fest Amsterdam and many more.

The products that are featured in the webshop have been hand selected by the knowledgeable Westwing staff.

They regularly attend the international interior design trade fairs to stay informed of the latest developments in the world of interior design.

The Westwing team: creatives and style experts

Keeping up with the latest trends, the biggest names in interior design and the latest up-and-comers requires a lot of expertise and insight into both local and international interior design.

The team at Westwing is therefore as varied as it is experienced, and includes stylists, creative writers, technical experts and visual designers. What binds them together is their love and passion for interior design and their thirst for staying ahead of the competition.

Taste and style are of course personal and subjective and can change over time, but what remains firm is Westwing’s dedication to quality and the commitment to offering their customers the best possible online shopping experience.

Discover the new look for your home

Have your mind set on upgrading the interior of your home soon, or you want a complete make-over of everything from the garden, kitchen, living room to the hallway and living room? Then there is no better place to get inspired by the trendsetting names in interior design. Discover what your home will look like with Westwing!

Time to start redecorating

With Westwing your home will look like you never imagined it could! Check out the latest sales and styles on the Westwing website and be prepared to take interior design to another level.




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