Tandarts Jordaan: Your local Amsterdam dentist is just around the corner

Tandarts Jordaan: Your local Amsterdam dentist is just around the corner


Living in a busy city is an exciting but sometimes challenging way of life. Currently, Amsterdam has over 800.000 residents. It's a bustling metropolis, offering everything you could hope for in terms of amenities and entertainment. Yet, like any city, it can feel a little impersonal, especially to expats who have just arrived.

High-quality care

Finding high-quality services is important; everyone wants the highest standards of practice. However, if you're also looking for personalised care; a doctor or an expat dentist who takes the time to get to know you properly, then a seemingly simple search can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Tandarts Jordaan's personalised care

Tandarts Jordaan is located on the Westermarkt, right in Amsterdam's historic centre. Led by a team of extremely experienced dentists, this beautiful clinic maintains the highest possible standards of hygiene.

But more importantly, this modern dental clinic goes out of its way to provide personalised care for all patients coming through their doors; natives and expats alike.

The clinic’s team takes the time to understand your needs and dental history and gives sympathetic guidance throughout your treatment.

Transparent pricing

Dental care in the Netherlands is completely privatised but insurers do offer coverage in their supplementary packages. Costs are well regulated by the government so that no dentist, no matter how lovely their practice may look on the outside, is allowed to charge you over the stipulated government rates.

If you're on a budget or paying for treatment as you go, ask for a personalised intake which will assess the necessary scope of any dental work needed.

Convenient cost breakdown

Amsterdam dentist Tandarts Jordaan is a good example of a clinic that works exactly this way. They will always provide a cost breakdown in advance to make sure there are no financial surprises, whether you're in for a regular checkup or a root canal. Everything is geared towards giving their patients a stress-free and comfortable experience.

Opening hours

The frenetic pace of urban life can leave you pressed for time, juggling a high-paced job, family and social activities. Though Amsterdam has a reputation for being forward-thinking and incredibly cool, you’ll still encounter more traditional thinking on occasion.

For instance, it´s pretty common in the Netherlands for shops and businesses to be closed on Sundays and Monday mornings.

You will find that in cities, as well as in smaller towns, health care providers, government institutions, and even pharmacies are usually closed outside of standard working hours.

Extended opening hours

It's good to know that some essential service providers are modernising their habits these days. And one of them is Tandarts Jordaan!

Tandarts Jordaan operates extended opening hours, both in the evenings and at weekends, to try and make appointments available to you no matter how busy your schedule might be.

English is spoken here

If you're coming to settle here from abroad, the Netherlands does come with the added benefit that the Dutch speak English well. Whilst pretty much everyone can cover the basics, from school kids to grandparents, some businesses and health care clinics will purposely employ staff with excellent English skills to make expats feel at ease.

Excellent service in English

Tandarts Jordaan provides your care and your correspondence in English, which is unusual. It's those extra details that will make you feel well looked after, and at home in the big city!

Contact details

For more information and registration, visit or call Tandarts Jordaan today: 

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Wednesday: 8.30am - 9.30pm
  • Thursday & Friday: 8.30am - 5.30pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: 9.30am - 6pm

Address: Westerstraat 176,

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