[Survey] Healthcare for internationals in the Netherlands


Healthcare for internationals living in the Netherlands remains an issue for many. Room for improvement remains & your experience and opinion matters!

Previous surveys and studies have identified areas for improvement, and in many larger cities of the Netherlands, steps have been taken by healthcare providers to meet the needs of internationals.

In this survey ACCESS asks for your time and insight in order to contribute to further developments in improving the health services in the Netherlands.

Please take 15 minutes to complete this survey! A summary of the findings will be shared in the Autumn of 2013.


ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the international community in the Netherlands.

ACCESS is staffed by an enthusiastic team of around 115 volunteers, from more than 35 countries, all of whom are trained and able to provide comprehensive information, advice and support, as well as be empathetic to the experience of internationals.

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