PsyQ International: psychological support for expats

PsyQ International: psychological support for expats


As an expatriate living far from home, you may face many mental health challenges: from difficulties adjusting to the new environment, to feelings of loneliness and isolation caused by being away from your partner, family and friends.

These or other difficulties can lead to problems such as depression, anxiety or other psychological issues. These challenges can be overcome, but sometimes a little assistance is needed.

PsyQ International is here to help!

About PsyQ International

PsyQ International offers state-of-the-art, discrete and professional help for expats in Amsterdam and The Hague to overcome mental health problems.

To provide the best mental health care possible, PsyQ International employs only caring and deeply-committed individuals who are officially registered professionals and personally familiar with the expatriate experience.

Having such a relevant background allows PsyQ professionals to treat each patient as a unique individual with specific needs, and to ensure that their treatment plan is tailored to those needs.

Also, since cultural background and native language are factors of utmost importance, other languages are available in addition to English, including Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Farsi and Arabic.

Services and care tailored to expat needs

PsyQ’s professional and multilingual team of doctors and therapists are trained in the treatment of problems most often encountered by internationals, including:
 adjustment and isolation
 all mood disorders
 marital and family issues
 mental health during and after pregnancy
 child and adolescent issues
 work-related issues
 substance abuse or addiction
 bipolar disorders

Admissions, referrals, and insurance

 A referral from your GP (family doctor) or your company doctor is necessary to keep in line with the Dutch medical association’s (KNMG) best-practice guidelines. It is also necessary in order to reimburse the costs with your insurer.

 After referral, the PsyQ professionals conduct an intake, which involves a detailed interview with one of their therapists or psychiatrists.

 Treatment will start within two weeks after your application. It can be paid privately or through Dutch or international medical insurance.

 Treatments are as brief as possible but as intensive as necessary. Each individual patient receives a personalised combination of specialised therapies and/or medical treatment.

Contact details

Admissions can be done directly by telephone or email, or online via the PsyQ website.

 PsyQ International Amsterdam
Overschiestraat 61
1062 XD Amsterdam
T: +31 (0)6 12 21 52 55
Email: [email protected]

 PsyQ International The Hague
Carel Reinierszkade 197
2593 HR, The Hague
T: +31 (0)6 52 56 83 82
Email: [email protected]

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