New Diaspora: A Web Documentary Movement


New Diaspora is an independent web documentary movement, focusing on the stories of Greeks living abroad during the crisis in their homeland.

At the same time, New Diaspora is an open community, where expatriate Greeks can share their own creative content and opinions, from wherever they are. Documenting themselves on video, sending photos, writing posts and proposing relevant ideas.

"Beginning our journey from what unites us instead of what divides us, our aim is to intervene jointly and dynamically in the public debate concerning what’s happening in our homeland," says the team behind the project.

"To redefine our collective identity and to offer an alternative perspective on the international image of Greeks. Why did we leave? What’s our point of view on the current situation in Greece? How much have we adapted to our new lives?"

The main narrative drive is a web documentary series directed by Nicolas Stamboulopoulos.

Support New Diaspora

In order to retain their independence, they rely on financial support! Visit the New Diaspora Indiegogo campaign and remember: even the smallest contribution counts.

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Nicolas St


Nicolas St



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