Need legal advice? GMW advocaten works with expats in the Netherlands

Need legal advice? GMW advocaten works with expats in the Netherlands


Whatever your issues may be, from family to work or property, you may need assistance in understanding Dutch law for business or even personal matters. 

Since 2006, GMW advocaten has been providing legal guidance to the expat community in the Netherlands via the Legal Expat Desk - the first expat-dedicated service at a Dutch law firm.

Relating to expats

With lawyers who have been expats themselves, GMW has a strong understanding of the issues expats can face.

Their legal experts work together in teams, using their extensive personal and professional experience to deliver the best possible solutions. In this way, GMW can provide service and guidance in more than one field of expertise.

Areas of legal expertise

GMW advocaten’s lawyers offer their services in the following areas:

Family and inheritance law

Family law involves human relationships and their related legal aspects. The separation of partners, acknowledging a child, custody, adoption, name change, or acting on behalf of an ill family member are all examples of (international) family law which can sometimes deeply affect your personal life.

A special part of family law is inheritance. If, after the death of a partner, family member or relative, you are one of the heirs, it is important to know what your legal position is.

Employment and pension law

For many years, GMW advocaten has been assisting employers and employees in various fields of (international) employment law. Their specialists work in areas such as employment contracts, dismissal, the 30% rule, working conditions and the probationary period.

The firm also assists several parties within the field of pensions, including employers, employees, their (former) spouses, pensioners and pension funds. Furthermore, their experienced lawyers can help you with matters ranging from business-related visas to applying for citizenship.

Entrepreneurs and insolvency law

GMW advocaten has been assisting entrepreneurs in business-related fields of law for many years. They also assist companies or individuals within the field of liability law.

From the drafting and reviewing of agreements about shares, acquisition, agency, (exclusive) distribution and delivery, to advising and litigating liability issues (of a director or of a counterparty), GMW advocaten can provide a reliable legal support base for your business.

Property and public law

The buying and selling of real estate involves generally serious interests. For various reasons, legal assistance both before and after property sales process is warranted. GMW advocaten acts for real estate investors, housing associations, developers, local governments and individuals.

The firm can also provide guidance on constantly changing Dutch legislation and how the duties and powers of the government can directly affect you as an individual or businesses. When navigating the often complex Dutch legal system, GMW advocaten can show you the way.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment with one of the lawyers! If you have an urgent legal issue or just want some advice, please do not hesitate to contact GMW directly! You are welcome to visit GMW advocaten in The Hague for a consultation with one of their experts about any issue you may have.

GMW advocaten will also be attending the IamExpat fair in Amsterdam, March 25, 2017.

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