Lassus Tandartsen: your expat dentist in Amsterdam

Lassus Tandartsen: your expat dentist in Amsterdam


Need a dental check-up? Looking for an expat-friendly dentist in Amsterdam? Still visiting your old dentist in your home country?

Find the dental care you need at Lassus Tandartsen, an attractive, modern and expat-orientated dental practice with two offices located in the centre of Amsterdam.

Not just another dental clinic

Lassus Tandartsen combines high-quality dentistry and a people-oriented approach to provide the best in dental care services. Factors which set Lassus Tandartsen apart from other dentists are:

A broad range of treatments

To ensure the maintenance of health teeth their team of dentists and specialists provides a brand variety of quality treatments. Lassus Tandartsen offers all dental specialisations in-house and ensures close communication between your dentist and specialists.

Appointments in English and more

Lassus Tandartsen is a multilingual practice that embraces the diversity of its clients. All staff speak fluent English and there are dentists who also speak French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Convenient opening times

Lassus Tandartsen also has extensive opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8am - 9.30pm
Friday: 8am - 5.30pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
 Sunday: 10am - 3pm

Dental health advice and guidance

Prevention is better than cure. Not many people know this, but almost all dental problems can be prevented by sufficient oral hygiene. The dentists at Lassus Tandartsen will help you in this area by always advising you on problem prevention.

When you make an appointment for a periodical dental check-up at Lassus Tandartsen, 40 minutes will be reserved for you. Before the dentist examines your teeth, you will be treated by a prevention assistant or dental hygienist who will clean and polish your teeth and indicate how you can best maintain your teeth yourself.

Understanding dentists and health insurance

If you want your Dutch health insurance to cover dental treatments then it’s advisable to take out an additional level of insurance. It is also wise to call your insurance company to check which dental treatments they cover.

If you don’t have additional insurance, but you want to maintain dental hygiene with a once-yearly check-up and clean, then it is also an affordable option to simply pay for the appointment yourself.

Lassus Tandartsen Amsterdam dentist

Lassus Tandartsen

Financial guidance for major treatments

You can talk to Lassus Tandartsen if you have any questions about specific treatments on offer.

For major treatments above 250 euros, a plan will be provided with an indication of costs that you can discuss with your insurer. Lassus Tandartsen always strives to provide as much information as possible to clients.

Don’t wait until your next trip home!

Instead of waiting to visit your dentist in your home country, you can give yourself peace of mind by easily scheduling a check-up and clean at one of Lassus Tandartsen’s two centrally-located clinics.

Contact details

Set up your first appointment at Lassus Tandartsen today.

Visit or call Lassus Tandartsen at one of their two locations:

- Keizersgracht 132, 1015 CW Amsterdam
Tel: 020 422 19 12

- Lassusstraat 9, 1075 GV Amsterdam
Tel: 020 47 13 137


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