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Not happy with your smile? Amsterdam dental practice Lassus Tandartsen can help you. Their unique process for smile design will have you smiling again in no time!

Generation Selfie

In the past, there have been several notable generations: the baby boomers, and Generation X and Y, and now we have "Generation Selfie".

During the middle ages, and prior to the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, many monasteries had monks who used to copy detailed manuscripts by hand to preserve them for posterity.

These days, we have an entire generation that is also dedicated to the preservation of information; that being photos of themselves, in every possible situation. In fact, a cynic might say, no event is too tedious to take numerous selfies to thrill and convince one's friends that the subjects of the photos are having the time of their lives.

Don't hide your smile

A by-product of the selfie culture is that a lot of people have become very good at hiding things they might not be too pleased with, particularly, aspects of their smile. This has led to a lot of people believing that what they actually need to do is to get their teeth whitened.

When walking around Amsterdam, it's easy to get the idea that there are more places to get one's teeth whitened than places selling greasy kroketten (croquettes) out of the wall. That's probably an exaggeration, but there are certainly a lot of places attempting to entice people with the promise of getting your teeth whitened.

Building on a strong foundation

Think of your teeth in the same way you would about a house that looks pretty good on the whole, but whose foundations clearly need some work.

Repainting the house with bright white paint will improve how it looks. It might even deter potential burglars, who, blinded by the light, will seek darker places to break into. However, the paint job will not resolve the underlying problem.

This is where Lassus Tandartsen's unique process for smile design will ensure the underlying issues that may make you feel uncomfortable about your smile will get resolved.

Lassus Tandartsen follows an analogy whereby, for example, an architect takes responsibility of transforming the client's dream into an actionable plan before the building commences.

If you believe that you require teeth whitening, the first step is to really understand what it is exactly about your smile that you'd like to improve.

How it works

The approach outlined below is unique and is a sign of Lassus Tandartsen's commitment to fulfilling the needs of its clients:

Detailed interview with the client to understand their dreams/objectives and build a relationship.

Demonstrating the client's wishes using the aid of a dental impression or custom dental mould, video and photos.

› Lassus Tandartsen provides the client with a dental mould which works as a snap-on smile. This mould is unique and tailor-made for the client to give them an idea of the possibilities.

Adjustments can be made to the plan if required.

Delivery of the project schedule, including deadlines, cost estimates and a treatment plan.

The delivery of the service.

After a detailed interview with the dental architect, a video will be made showing the current status of the client's mouth. A mould will then be made which will be presented to the client, showing them the end result.

This will be an opportunity for both the client and the architect to discuss expectations and make any adjustments if required.

The client will have a clear understanding of the estimated length of the treatment, and more importantly, what will be carried out and why. The costs will be outlined as well.

Tailored treatment

By following this process, Lassus Tandartsen aims to deliver results and an outstanding service to their clients. As aesthetics are very personal and can evoke a lot of emotion, we need to find out together what can or can't be done.

Every client is unique, so think of it as bespoke, tailor-made treatment.

You wouldn't rebuild a house without an architect, so apply the same logic to having your smile improved!

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