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Want to understand your current health status? Want to know what’s really going on in your body?

Your health is arguably the most valuable thing you will ever possess. For many expats, having a yearly health check is common practice.

If you are planning to get a check-up, Healthlab is your ideal partner. They offer high quality health checks and specialized services for expats living in the Netherlands.

Personal Health Check

The Personal Health Check from Healthlab is a state-of-the-art health check designed by medical doctors according to the most recent medical guidelines.

The check-up assesses your general health on the basis of several key health markers and screens for numerous common diseases including:
Cardiovascular disease
 Kidney disease
 Liver disease
 Thyroid disease
 Infections and more

Within just 30 minutes a certified doctor collects all your required data including a blood sample, urine sample and your biometrics data (such as blood pressure and spirometry assessment).

Health Report

Within just 3-5 business days after your appointment, you will receive your detailed digital Health Report. The report is in English or Dutch, based on your own preference.

It contains all the findings from your personal check-up in clear, understandable language including all conclusions and recommendations from Healthlab’s doctor(s).

Certified medical partners

To ensure the quality of their services, Healthlab collaborates with medical specialists from a wide variety of specialties, including cardiology, ophthalmology, radiology and occupational health.

Healthlab only works with certified laboratories and other specialized partners to process test results and analyze data.

Additional tests

You can customize your Personal Health Check by adding additional analyses like an ECG (electrocardiogram) or exercise tests to screen for cardiac disease. Other optional checks include Vitamin D, HIV or PSA for prostate disease.

Need a specific test? No problem, Healthlab can offer a large range of blood tests tailored to your individual needs.

Executive/VIP package

For those who require an even more extensive health check, Healthlab offers an Executive/VIP package consisting of a complete Personal Health Check extended with an ECG, exercise test, vision- and hearing test and a PSA-test or equivalent for females.

Health check prices

With Healthlab you can get a complete Personal Health Check for just 149 euros. The Executive/ VIP package is available for 450 euros.

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Private clients

Healthlab serves private clients who live and work in the Netherlands or who are visiting for business or leisure. Its client base consists of many expats, including top level executives from large multinational companies.

Corporate clients

For companies located in the Netherlands or abroad, Healthlab can provide tailored Personal Health Checks (PMO) for employees and executives. This can be done on-site or at the locations of Healthlab.

Need more information on workplace health checks? Contact [email protected].

Exceptional service

Healthlab only works with certified medical staff and sees client satisfaction as one of their main priorities. To meet the needs of their clients, weekend and evening appointments are offered as well.

Healthlab can also assist you with tailored medical examinations including visa- and pre-employment medical checks.

Coverage by health insurance

Although health checks in general are not covered by basic Dutch health insurance, some premium packages of selected health insurance providers do (partly) reimburse the costs of a Personal Health Check.

About Healthlab

Based in Amsterdam, Healthlab aims to deliver high-quality and value-for-money healthcare services to its clients.

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