The food you love delivered to your door with Deliveroo


Now you are no longer limited to just ordering from restaurants with an in-house delivery option, because with Deliveroo you can order dinner from any of your favourite eateries around town!

Bringing the best local restaurants to your doorstep

Premium food delivery service Deliveroo is revolutionising the way people dine by delivering quality food from local independent and chain restaurants directly to people’s doors.

Try Wagamama’s Asian delights, healthy salads from SLA, ribs to die for from Braai or any of the other unique eating establishments in your town!

Passionate about quality food and convenience

Deliveroo lets you order amazing food from the best local restaurants that otherwise may not offer delivery. Hundreds of restaurant chains and many top quality independents are connected to the Deliveroo network.

It’s an easy-to-use service, and food orders and payment are all processed online at Deliveroo or via the app. By entering a postcode and preferred time slot, the website will offer a long list of local establishments offering food in your area.

This includes the option to schedule orders up to one day in advance or you can receive your food as soon as it’s been cooked - with an average delivery time of just 32 minutes. It's the perfect way to discover the best food your city has to offer.

If you live in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Haarlem, Rotterdam or Eindhoven, you may have seen their Drivers cycling around the city. With more than 1.000 Drivers, Deliveroo quickly became part of everyday traffic, delivering food from the best local restaurants to hungry people wherever they are.

A simple, fixed fee per delivery

Rather than delivery fees, Deliveroo wants you to spend your money on something else (like more food). That's why they only charge a flat fee of 2,50 euros per delivery.

What kind of restaurants are listed on Deliveroo?

Deliveroo personally curates a high-quality and diverse selection of eateries in your area. This can range from a top neighbourhood Italian trattoria to a well-regarded national burger chain. The only thing you will not find is low-quality takeaway restaurants.

Organise your company lunch

Deliveroo can also provide lunch for your team at work, if you need food for thought during a meeting or if you're just working late at the office. Find out more at [email protected].

Expanding on the Dutch market

Deliveroo became active in the Netherlands in late 2015, and the British company is rapidly expanding on the Dutch market with Rotterdam as the latest addition.

Internationally, Deliveroo is now operating in over 75 cities across 12 countries, ranging from the UK to Singapore and Australia. Currently Deliveroo delivers food from more than 10.000 restaurants worldwide.

The story behind Deliveroo

After moving from New York to London, Deliveroo founder Will Shu was surprised to find that it was nearly impossible to get great quality food delivered. So he made it his personal mission to bring great restaurants closer to their customers.

Oh, and the name? Kangaroos are known to be incredibly protective of their young. At Deliveroo they are equally protective of your dining experience.


Go to Deliveroo, enter your postcode and choose the restaurant you’d like to order from. Then select a dish, pay and then just sit back and wait for your dinner to arrive! Delivery times are between 10am and 11pm.




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