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There are times as an expat when living far away from family and familiar things can be unusually stressful, and one of those times is when you need serious medical attention.

Simply needing to go to hospital is a difficult enough prospect without also having to negotiate an unfamiliar health system. This is one of the reasons that Bronovo Hospital in The Hague has special services available for expats.

About Bronovo Hospital

Bronovo Hospital is a 450-bed general hospital for the residents of The Hague and surrounding areas in South Holland.

Its 1.500 employees and 120 specialists work closely together in a multi-disciplinary team to provide specialised medical care in virtually all areas. It has an alliance with the Leiden University Medical Centre and functions as a Teaching Hospital for medical students and interns.

The hospitals values are rooted in its past as The Hague Deaconesses’ Institute, where Christian nurses worked as a "labour of love."

This mindset is expressed today by the staff’s dedication to kind assistance and gracious manners, because Bronovo Hospital holds that personal attention is just as important as medical attention.

Expat services at Bronovo Hospital

As part of their dedication to "courteous care," Bronovo Hosptial offers a number of services especially for expats.

 Information meetings for expats

The hospital holds information meetings for expats on subjects like the Dutch health system and the services Bronovo can offer. To learn more about the info meetings contact the Bronovo Expat Co-ordinator, Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro:

 Overseas Patients Administration

Questions about the Dutch health care system, Bronovo Hospital, your insurance or the handling of your invoice can be answered by the Overseas Patients Administration, Deborah Warmenhoven-Walmsley:
- Tel: +31 (0)70 312 41 80 (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
- Email:

 Expat Service Desk

For general information (not appointments) the hospital has a dedicated Expat Services Desk.
- Contact: Anneke van Kooten
- Tel: +31 (0)70 312 41 41 (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
- Email:


Bronovo Hospital offes services at three locations in South Holland:

- Bronovo Hospital

Bronovolaan 5
2597 AX Den Haag

- Wassenaar Health Centre

Hofcampweg 65
2241 KE Wassenaar

- Bronovo Satellite Outpatient Clinic

President Kennedylaan 15
2517 JK Den Haag

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