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Located in Amsterdam Zuid, Dental Practice de Liefde strives for good health, durability and quality with each treatment. Its aim is to help patients retain healthy and strong teeth throughout their lives.

De Liefde’s team consists of general dentists, holistic dentists, hygienists and specialists with considerable experience in dentistry. The practice is expat-friendly, as it is a multilingual practice.

The difference between general dentistry and holistic dentistry

Holistic dentistry is not about the dentists seeing different things, but about them seeing things differently.

Dentistry will always have to make use of “non-self” or foreign substances. Holistic dentistry does not only consider what is best for your mouth, but also what is best for your body.

Below you will find some recommendations from the practice’s holistic dentists:

Preferably no metal

Unfortunately, teeth do not grow back naturally, so there is no other choice but to use foreign substances. However, the team of Practice de Liefde tries to work as hypoallergenic as possible.

In a moist environment such as your mouth, metal will rust and might be absorbed into your body. Therefore, the practice does not use metal braces, frames and implants. Luckily, ceramics provide a safe alternative choice.

Getting rid of plasticisers

The last couple of years, there has been some commotion surrounding plasticisers in plastic. When used in large quantities, these chemical substances can cause hormonal disruptions in your body.

For these reasons, a holistic dentist prefers composite fillings without plasticisers such as BPA and HEMA.

Fluoride, yes or no?

There has always been a lot of discussion between regular and holistic dentists about fluoride. As a holistic dental practice, Practice de Liefde is not necessarily against the use of fluoride.

The use of fluoride is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Balance is key. When you are healthy, eat at regular intervals, and have good oral hygiene, you don’t necessarily need fluoride.

However, if you don’t eat healthily, are not fit, or are stressed out, it might be that your saliva is not strong enough to support the remineralisation process of your teeth.

Easy on the mouthwash

Practice de Liefde is not a huge fan of aggressive mouthwash because it upsets the balance in your mouth, which in turn can lead to oral thrush. It should be sufficient to brush your teeth twice a day and use toothpicks.

If you do wish to give your teeth a little extra, you might consider oil pulling instead of mouthwash.

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Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic ritual, where you place a tablespoon of oil (coconut, olive or sesame oil) in your mouth, and you swish the oil around for 5-20 minutes.

Opinions are divided on the subject, but the practice has seen great results amongst its patients who are using this method.

Breathe through your nose instead of your mouth

Breathing through your nose is how mother nature intended for you to breathe. It doesn't only filter the air you breathe, but it also gives you a healthier mouth.

By breathing through your mouth, your mucous membranes and gums will dry out. Your gums can get inflamed, which can cause tooth decay and bad breath. Therefore, Practice de Liefde advises its clients to breathe through their nose.

A wide range of treatments

Dental Practice de Liefde offers a wide range of treatments in general dentistry, holistic dentistry, dental hygiene, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

The practice also offers other services, including acupuncture, ESTeck body scans, and orthomolecular medicine.

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