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First things first: when you arrive in a new country, you’ll need a debit account. If only for your employer to pay you your salary. Or for you to pay for your groceries.

At ABN AMRO you can become a customer and open an account even before you received your BSN (social services number).

In control

After opening an account you will receive a complete package to manage your account: a debit card, a credit card and various tools for online banking.

Other benefits we offer include:
 24/7 full service in English
 Internet banking, apps and documentation in English
 Financial advice in many other languages
 Worldwide access to personal accounts
 The ability to open an account without a BSN (social services number)
 Detailed knowledge on rules and regulations for expats
 Expert advice on payments, savings, insurance, credit, mortgages, loans and investments

For more information about opening an account, other benefits and costs, see our website.

Tailor made advice

ABN AMRO can offer you more than just an account. Once your settled in, you may have other needs or questions regarding your financial situation.

Think about savings, investments or insurances? Or maybe you need a loan or a mortgage? Our experts will gladly give you tailor made advice based on your personal situation.

Understanding your needs

Besides understanding your language, we understand your situation. Our employees not only know about the financial rules and regulations for expats, many of them have actually worked abroad. They know firsthand about all the challenges you will encounter in a new environment.

So, if you are an expat and have some financial need: ask our experts! Our International Client Desk welcomes you!


ABN AMRO is a full-service bank with many years of international experience. As the leading Dutch bank for expats, we have a detailed knowledge of all financial and insurance rules and regulations international clients encounter. We make sure you don’t have to worry about your banking matters.

Please visit ABN AMRO to make an appointment. Our International Client Desk welcomes you!


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