Zein International Childcare sets the standard

Zein International Childcare sets the standard


Zein International Childcare was founded over a decade ago by childcare professionals looking to help children embrace the advantages that an internationally-oriented lifestyle can bring.

Now, as the company continues to go from strength to strength, and more and more Dutch childcare organisations look to capitalise on the expat market, we take a look at what it is that sets Zein apart, and why true international childcare is about much more than just speaking English.

Following the dream: the philosophy behind Zein

Robbie Zein founded Zein International Childcare, together with her husband Jan van der Meijden, based on a dream to provide a better way to support and develop the lives of internationally mobile children.

Today, this dream has become reality as Zein has become the leading provider of international childcare services in the Netherlands - offering day care, pre-school, after-school and holiday care.

Working both independently and in partnership with key international schools, Zein has just opened its fifth location in The Hague, delivering a specially-designed programme that focuses on the uniqueness of growing up in an internationally-oriented environment.

Supporting a life of constant change

Zein’s philosophy is based on the belief that children growing up amongst worlds have the unique potential to become the model citizens of tomorrow.

Their pedagogic programme is based upon an integration of aspects of the Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori methods and a themed approach to learning - providing children with the skills to cope with their constantly changing settings and environments.

All of Zein’s centres aim to provide a place where the needs and abilities of international children are recognised, stimulated and guided; with the aim of helping children to develop the necessary competencies to reach their full potential.

It’s not just what they do, it’s how they do it

A commitment to quality is embedded in all aspects of the organisation, as Zein has made it their mission to truly "Set the Standard" in International Childcare - consistently exceeding parental expectations and going above and beyond what is offered in standard childcare.

With teachers representing over 39 nationalities, the staff themselves are able to genuinely connect with the children, whilst the high staff-child ratio ensures a clear focus on the quality of care for the individual child.

There is also an on-site chef who prepares fresh, organic, warm meals for day-care children.

  Zein Childcare 2

Zein Childcare 3

Zein Childcare 4

Zein childcare

The quality of the physical surroundings and facilities at Zein are also second to none. Across their locations, the luxury home-like environment is unique in comparison to other providers, using a natural approach with stylish wallpaper, soft-carpeted areas and spacious rooms furnished with Zein’s own children’s furniture line "Dutch DeZein".

Step outside to complete the picture with the beautiful natural playgrounds.

Setting the standard for others to follow

It is often said that, in life, it is the little things that make a big difference, and it is clear that for Zein that statement really rings true.

Children fortunate enough to join the growing Zein family really do get to experience, first-hand, why Zein has become the #1 choice for internationally-minded families in The Hague - setting the standard for others to follow.

Contact information

Registration is now open for The Maples Day Care - Zein’s latest location in The Hague, at the edge of the Statenkwartier, next to the European School. 
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 070 326 8263





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