The Hague University MBA: real-world education for global ambition

The Hague University MBA: real-world education for global ambition


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences is aimed at those aspiring to executive and strategic roles at a global level.

An MBA is not only a hugely sought-after post-graduate degree, but also a prerequisite for many top business roles. Doing your MBA at The Hague University of Applied Sciences will help you develop the necessary business acumen, knowledge and strategic skills to achieve your ambitions.

MBA student experience at The Hague University

Like so many other MBA students, Charles Simons chooses to embark on an MBA programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences because he was ready to move on in his career.

"While I have grown professionally, I’m aware that as an MBA you have more options. For a position in the higher echelons, a good CV just isn’t enough," he said.

Charles is a project manager at Prosense, a biotech company in Leiden that develops medication for genetic neuromuscular disorders. In this position he needs to draw on his leadership qualities.

"My control is more indirect. It’s all about power of persuasion, and a business vision people can believe in. You have to be able to communicate this vision - and stick to it."

He says opting for The Hague University of Applied Science was easy. "It takes me precisely three minutes of additional travel time to go to school on my commute back home. The good price-quality ratio was also an important consideration, because I’m paying my own way."

Real-life relevance of MBA subjects

He is finding that his studies are broadening his perspective in a way that surprises him. "I studied science before, so I had no idea how marketing works.

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"I used to switch to another channel whenever there were commercials on TV; now I try to analyse one TV ad after another."

He says he finds particular value in the finance subjects, as it gives him real insight into why his employer requires certain information about his projects. His favourite, however, is Organizational Behaviour.

His plans to focus on company culture for his graduation project. "Culture is malleable," he explains. "I’d like to study Prosensa’s company culture, which core values would be most favourable. Once you know what they are, you can guide the company towards them."

About the Master of Business Administration

The Hague University of Applied Sciences one year full-time MBA or two year part-time MBA courses are internationally geared and will prepare students for the global market.

The courses are taught entirely in English, which is vital as around 80 per cent of our MBA students and staff are internationals. This diversity in the campus also means students can start developing their international network immediately.

About The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences’ principal aim is to provide high-quality education through unique master programmes that help students to function confidently in a global society that is changing faster every day.

Students will be able to apply everything they learn in class to real projects, solving real problems, for real organisations.

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