Nyenrode’s Return on Education: a springboard for the global labour market


Nyenrode Business Universiteit focuses on providing a high Return on Education (REd), or long-term investment in self and skills, for all of its MBA students.

In this REd series, alumni, students, coaches and lecturers talk about their experiences in Nyenrode’s different programs.

Valeria Dinershteyn’s story

Originally from Russia, Valeria Dinershteyn is 25 years old with a background in international relations and communications and a graduate from the full-time Master of Science in Management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

For the last seven months Valeria has been working at Kempen & Co. Merchant Bank, in the Kempen Capital Management division. What began as an internship and a unique opportunity to complete her master's thesis has now turned into a full-time job.

Here, Valeria describes her experience of Nyenrode’s MSc in Management:

A helping hand

The biggest lesson the MSc in Management program at Nyenrode taught me is that no matter how tough it gets, you need to keep your eye on the prize. It is all about prioritizing, time management and efficient work.

At Nyenrode, you need to carefully balance the day-to-day work of studying with any student association committee activities in which you participate.

This is no simple task; however all committees consist of more than one person and most of the study work is done in groups. At Nyenrode, you always have someone to lend you a helping hand.

Commitment and imagination

For me, a key take-away from Nyenrode is the ability to commit to a plan or project and invest 100 per cent of my energy into it. For something so important and worth-while, you need to give every drop of your effort, knowledge, and imagination.

Another crucial lesson was the importance and wisdom of compromise. You have to pick your battles and fight your corner, but you also have to recognize that your point of view and your way of doing things isn’t always the right one.

Entering the global labour market as a skilled starter

Nyenrode's Msc in Management has provided me with an invaluable set of skills: communication skills, negotiation skills, and collaboration skills - to mention just a few.

Ultimately, however, the program gave me the requisite knowledge and experience to take my first steps in the financial industry.

I hold no illusions that you can master the art of finance (or any art for that matter) in just 16 months, but Nyenrode provides a springboard from which to make an impressive start.

My Return on Education

A new master’s degree is like a new rung in a self-built ladder that takes you up the mountain of life and career. It is never too late to add a rung and make your way up higher - the air gets thinner and the obstacles become greater but the views are priceless.

No wonder they say that the investment in your education is the one that pays off the most!

I am almost a Master of Management in Finance and I consider myself one lucky person to have experienced Nyenrode at its fullest. And that is my Return on Education.

A top-ranking Master's program

Keuzegids Best Master in the Netherlands in the category of Business Studies for six consecutive years.

 Studiekeuze123 equal Best University in the Netherlands in the 2015 National Student Survey.

Nyenrode's Master (MSc) in Management

Features of the Msc in Management include:
 A business-oriented program designed for young-talents (max 2 years of work experience).
 A customized Pre-Master based on your own academic background.
 A 12-months Master with a 95 per cent success rate.
 90% employment within four months after graduation.
 Three study tracks:
- International management
- Marketing management
- Financial management

What will your Return on Education be?

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