Nyenrode Online Business Game


Do you have the management talent to run a global company?

Register to the online, NextOne Business Game and win a full tuition Nyenrode Master of Science in Management scholarship worth €21,500!

The online Business Game
 NextOne 24 hours online Business Game 
 Where: Online
 Srat: Saturday, December 3, 2011, 6pm CET
 End: Sunday, December 4, 2011, 6pm CET 
 Register here (limited places available)
After registration you will be contacted for further instructions
More info about the prize and the game here

At least one bachelor degree (no specific field required) or the prospect of finishing your bachelor education this semester
Less than two years of working experience
A laptop or computer with Internet access (since the business game is virtual)

About the game
You will lead NextOne, a fictional, innovative corporation that develops and produces smartphones with branches all over the world, different market strategies for different markets, logistical challenges and a diversified HR policy.

Your mission is to enter the transparent, complex and fiercely competitive high-tech market and beat the competition: Microsoft, Palm, HP etc. You will lead this company and face challenges as well as dilemmas that need quick and strong decision-making. You will be challenged on your leadership skills..

Are you ready to face this challenge…?
Only one can be the best and win the full tuition Master of Science in Management scholarship. 

Good luck!



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