The Nyenrode MBA: an international Return on Education

The Nyenrode MBA: an international Return on Education


Bas Rookhuijzen is an alumnus of the Executive MBA program at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Bas, who now lives in Amsterdam and works as an industry manager at Google for Work, explains how he benefited from completing an EMBA at Nyenrode.

Pre-MBA ambitions

At a very early stage in my career, I was intrigued by the learning potential that cultural diversity can provide. I wanted to develop my commercial skills to help customers make the most profitable decisions.

From that moment on, my goal was to grow in selling large and complex international deals. After being a sales consultant and an international account manager for four years, and having worked in many countries, I felt that things were not moving fast enough. I wanted to accelerate my career. That is how I landed at Nyenrode.

Connecting with the C-level

The Nyenrode Executive MBA provided me with senior management or Chief-level (C-level) content and the managerial skills necessary for modern global cooperation. This is considered a huge asset for companies to invest in and has brought me to C-level conversations.

It has helped me to make a much bigger impact, not only within my organization and team but also by providing the best solutions for my customers.

MBA bootcamp

The bootcamp structure of Nyenrode’s two-week modules allowed me to fully immerse myself in the program.

It always takes me a while to switch off when I am away from work. However, by being at the Nyenrode campus for two weeks straight, or when you are abroad during the international modules, you can get into a "bubble" where you can really focus on the MBA and your personal development without the distractions of everyday life.

Career growth with Capgemini and Google

Since the MBA I have made two major steps in my career. First, I was hired as an international account manager at Capgemini, Europe’s largest IT consulting company, working for major accounts and large international deals.

After seven years of working at Capgemini, Google approached me to represent their Enterprise solutions because of my network and my level of experience selling large and complex deals. These are assets which I gained for a large part at Nyenrode, which I am grateful for and proud of.

An international business network

Even though it is years since I completed my studies, I am still in contact with the majority of my Nyenrode classmates, some even on a daily basis, both socially as well as for business. The network I gained while completing my EMBA has proven to be extremely valuable when seeking a high profile job.

Nyenrode enabled, and still enables, me to connect with current and future leaders with a great diversity of nationalities, backgrounds and different industries.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit has provided me with an international network of people to learn from and to create value with.

In short, an EMBA was the best investment of my life!

Return on Education

Nyenrode produces optimal results through practical application of academic knowledge, leading to a maximum Return on Education (REd).

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Bas Rookhuijzen


Bas Rookhuijzen

Bas Rookhuijzen is an alumnus of the Executive MBA program at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Bas lives and works in Amsterdam and is Industry Manager for Google for Work.

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